Thursday, 18 August 2011

Almost Autumn

Today was properly chilly. I went out wearing a cardigan, a jacket and a scarf! Goodbye summer, we hardly knew ye. 

There is one upside to colder weather, though. I may actually get to wear my new coat:

I bought it in some sort of sale last month for £20, so I'm feeling smug already. 

In some ways, cooler weather is a lot easier to dress for, as you just assemble disparate elements, rather than trying to find one clean item of clothing that will cover all the necessary areas without adding to your body temperature too much. I will have changed my mind by October, though! 

I'm going to bed now, as tomorrow will be my sixth day in a row at work, and I need all the sleep I can get!



  1. cute jacket

  2. OMG - great jacket! Post an outfit with it... Hope you sleep well, 6th consecutive day?

  3. Lovely jacket!
    I agree about Summer, I am much more comfortable dressing in the cooler seasons, layering forever!