Wednesday, 24 August 2011

10 things

I am trying not to be lazy about blogging,  even when I am knackered and nothing interesting happened all day unless you happen to be an obituary fan, so:

Today I bring you 10 things which have been on my mind at the moment.

  • I am so not ready to turn 23 in two months

  • I'm not sure what to get Whizzkid for his birthday, which was yesterday. Happy birthday! 

  • I am looking forward to my day off on Friday so much it hurts

  • I still need to wash the soup off my umbrella (don't ask)

  • If I don't wear wellies to work tomorrow, it will bucket down and my shoes will be soaked. If I do, however, it will be a lovely day and I will look a right lemon carrying wellies around

  • How do I turn the five cold new potatoes in the fridge into a delicious lunch for tomorrow?

  • Current trends demand that I dress like a Hitchcock heroine this Autumn, but my budget is more Shaun of the Dead

  • I need another cup of tea

  • It's getting past my (new! Revised!) bedtime

  • One of the old men at work said that when you get older, you don't catch colds as often because you've had them all. Is this true?

That's it for now.


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