Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Weekend adventures

I've had a slightly exhausting few days at work, but of course that isn't a proper excuse for not having posted about my weekend yet!

I met up with Whizzkid and Giovanni this weekend, for awesome adventure times and lots and lots of food (may have discovered a burger place that will satisfy even Percy). We did some more sophisticated stuff too!

Imperial War Museum:

This was more one for the boys, really, but it was interesting and I hadn't been, so I didn't mind. Also, it's free! There is an amazing array of stuff on display, and there's a bit designed to let you experience life in the trenches (but with health and safety, obviously). 

It's well worth a visit, especially if you're a war fan.

In our wanderings, we also found a fence covered in ribbons and tokens. It's next to a carpark, but apparently the area was a graveyard for prostitutes and other destitute people in medieval times.

It was great being able to catch up with the boys again, and I'm hoping we'll all be able to have a giant reunion at some stage (with pizza).

We're big bridge fans

That is all for now, as work is not very interesting at the moment (lots of spreadsheets!), although I did learn today that my brother shares a birthday with Edwina Currie.


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