Friday, 16 September 2011


If you zoom in and enhance this picture, you might be able to tell that I have had some extra holes added to my head today. I finally got round to having my ears pierced!

Now is the winter of my disinfecting. . . 

I also met up with Percy and Whizzkid today (neither of them noticed my slightly-throbbing ears, which they later put down to "being men", like that's some sort of excuse). We had delicious burgers at the delicious burger place (jerk chicken burgers are my new favourite food) and Percy and I popped in at the Hummingbird bakery for a pumpkin whoopie pie (I really wish they'd rename them something less embarrassing to type). 

Probably the most exciting thing today, however, was having a chance to shop! (Sorry, boys.) Uniqlo featured heavily, of course, although I think I would have gone knitwear-mad in M&S if it hadn't been so warm today. There is a checked cape for £69 that I am seriously tempted by. . . I don't think any of my new purchases are wildly exciting, but they are all going to make getting dressed to go to work in the mornings much easier, so I'm excited.

I should probably go to bed now, as I want to get up to watch Ireland play Australia tomorrow morning.


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  1. Yay for pierced ears! I had mine done when I was like 14, love to wear cute cupcake earrings, lol!

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    PS: would love to invite you to join my turban headband giveaway at my blog, if you haven't yet!