Wednesday, 14 September 2011


They were giving these out free outside work today (at least, so I'm told - I completely failed to notice!). They're special gluten-free biscuits and they come in chocolate, cranberry and coconut (not sure why they have the last one, as they all contain a fair whack of coconut. Maybe they're for real coconut enthusiasts?). The brand is Mrs Crimble's and they have a website here in case you know anyone gluten intolerant who needs a treat. Personally, I quite like gluten, as I learned when I tried one. 

I am a complete blogging failure at the moment, mostly because work is getting ever more stressful as everyone is working on lots of things at once (including me). As a result, I am very tired all the time, and not even up to typing nonsense on the internet. Apologies, I will get right on that. More nonsense coming up!


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