Friday, 2 September 2011

Free time!

I am lucky enough to be in the middle of a four-day weekend at the moment, because I worked over the Bank Holiday weekend. And while the last few days have been pretty miserable, today was really hot!

I met Whizzkid and his girlfriend (who I was meeting for the first time) today in London and we had ice cream and Korean food and did a little bit of shopping. I really want to buy a whole new winter wardrobe from Uniqlo!

I completely forgot to bring my camera today, but I had it to hand while knocking around the house yesterday (I can try to pretend that I was recovering from a hectic few weeks, but really I was just being lazy). I got quite a lot done, and also made some more earrings:

Slightly blurry picture, but you get the idea. The Godmother bought these pretend pearls as part of a slightly hideous necklace for me to make her earrings from, so she gets the long dangly ones. I am having fun coming up with different designs using them!

It wasn't nearly as warm yesterday and loafing around doesn't keep you warm, so I wrapped up a bit:

Sometimes it's nice to just be cozy and comfortable. Ignore my wrinkly knees!

More excitement is in store this weekend as Giovanni is coming to town, so Whizzkid, Percy and I will be spending some quality time with him (whatever that means). Who knows what adventures we will have?



  1. I love the layering of the blush top over black... the anticipation of fall is exciting!



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